Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebrating the World Cup in Style

Everyone is eager to get in front of the telly to watch their favourite team on the battlefield. The World Cup always has a significant impact even on the lesser zealous football fans. With the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final just around the corner, South Africans have been pulling up their sleeves to prepare for this great event. Cape town Airport has been given a face lift, new stadiums are nearing completion, hotels are being refurbished and roads have been revamped. Yet what is happening within the wine industry? Most would say that it is going through a Tweeting effect. Most wineries are using the most innovative social media tools to market their wine and take advantage of this great event.

Apart from marketing their wines well, South Africans have gone a long way to improve quality in their wine making and to compete even on export markets. Recently, it has been shown that South African wines have overcome French wines on export in the UK. So which wines should one choose to drink in front of the telly whilst supporting your team? South Africa like most New World countries hosts a variety of grape varieties from the well-known Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon to more interesting and expressive Pinotage. This latter grape variety is a hybrid of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut (Hermitage), which more recently has been cultivated successfully in South Africa. Apart from the wide range of grape varieties planted, terroir is a concept South Africans are very sensitive too. At a recent seminar in Prowein, a South African producer explained how the Atlantic and Indian oceans give maritime influences and a cooling effect which result in a Mediterranean climate in regions like Stellenbosch, whilst a continental climate prevails in the inner regions of South Arica like in Worchester Region.

So which wines to enjoy easily this summer whilst supporting your squad? I would go for the following 3 easy drinking wines enjoyable any time of the day.

Chenin Blanc – Chenin Blanc also referred to as Steen in South Africa can produce very refreshing and light wines. This grape shows strong guava, tropical, herbaceous aromas which are nicely complimented with a long clean, crisp aftertaste.

Pinotage Rose – Rose wines are both trendy and very easy drinking wines. This style of wine can have an attractive pale strawberry appearance and the nose shows exuberant fresh candy with hints of flower blossoms. Off-dry, best enjoyed with chicken salads, paella and sweet and sour dishes.

Shiraz/Pinotage – A blend of the well known Shiraz grape and the interesting Pinotage grape described earlier. Smooth, medium bodied with vibrant black fruit, spice and red cherry flavors. Grilled, smoked and spicy foods are traditional favorites with this style.

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